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  am so glad to have you visit my site!


My name is Christina (Chris) Woolf, and I hold a degree in Music Education from

Northern Arizona University with an emphasis in vocal/choral studies. I have been teaching voice from my home studio to students of all ages for 18 years and directing various ensembles for longer than that.


As a voice teacher, I understand that each vocal instrument is unique; therefore,

no two students can be taught exactly the same way. I know everyone has the

potential to sing well, and I have the patience, skill, and perseverance to help anyone

who desires to improve their voice succeed, no matter their level or experience.


I strive toward self improvement and continue to study classical, musical theatre,

and choral music in order to polish my own instrument and to keep updated in my art. I have been a proud member of the Arizona Repertory Singers, a premiere choral group in Tucson. I believe that if I do not continue to learn and practice I will stagnate as a teacher, coach, and mentor for you, the student.


I invite you to explore this site and contact me when you are ready to

discover or improve your vocal abilities!

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