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My home studio is conveniently located in North - central Tucson near Swan and Skyline .

I usually work with students for either 45 minutes or 60 minutes once a week.





A typical lesson will begin with technique work:  body, breath, and vocal warm-ups. When the voice is moving freely and is fully warmed up, we continue on to repertoire.





Each student’s repertoire will be tailored to their individual needs and interests. Songs will be collaboratively and appropriately chosen to support the voice type of each student.


Many students’ repertoire fall into 3 main categories, allowing for exploration and vocal versatility: classical pieces, musical theater pieces, and any other genre of the student’s choice. 





Learning how to communicate through and present each chosen piece is a vital part of the learning process. Students have the opportunity to participate in Master Classes to practice their pieces in front of other students. This is in preparation for our Spring Studio Concert which usually occurs in late April or early May and is open to friends and family.




Working on peices for auditions, choral music, and sight singing/theory can also be folded into a lesson as needed or desired.






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